Low-cost, Energy-efficient MCU Platform


· Supports low-power, energy-efficient CK-CPUs like CK801, CK802, CK803 , CK803S and etc.;

· Composed of CPU core , storage subsystem, encryption & decryption subsystem, clock subsystem, analoge subsystem , interface subsystem and etc.;

· Based on AHB and APB bus, all subsystems are flexible and extensible; 

· Supports various storage medias like on-chip and off-chip Flash and SRAM, CACHE can be used to increase the speed of CPU accessing memory significantly;

· A number of symmetric and asymmetric encryption & decryption IPs are for choice;

· Analog IPs like on-chip LDO, OSC , ADC , PWM and etc. can reduce the total cost of MCU system;

· PWM module can support various operating modes like pulse signal output, output signal comparison, input signal catching, clock counting , dead-zone control and etc.;

· 7816 interface can be configured as either card reader or card;

· SPI module can be flexibly configured as standard 1-wire, 2-wire or 4-wire mode to facilitate the connection to various types of SPI Flash;

· Many low power techniques like clock gating, power gating, multi voltage and etc. are used to reduce the power consumption of module, subsystem and chip;

· Supports low-power modes like wait, doze, stop and standby;

This low-cost enegry-efficient MCU platform can be used in a wide range of applications like IoT (Internet of Things), smart hardware, financial card, printer, automotive electronics , industrial control and etc.