High-performance Embedded Computing SoC Platform


· Supports high performance CK-CPU cores like CK610, CK807 , CK810 and etc.;

· Composed of CPU core, DDR memory controller, video subsystem, audio subsystem, encryption & decryption subsystem, high-speed peripherals subsystem , low-speed peripherals subsystem and etc.;

· Based on AXI, AHB and APB bus and with abundant IP resources, all subsystems are flexible and extensible for different applications;

· A number of symmetric and asymmetric encryption & decryption IPs are for choice;

· Supports RGB direct data output or HDMI 1.3 interface data output;

· PWM module can support various operating modes like pulse signal output, output signal comparison, input signal catching, clock counting , dead-zone control and etc.;

· GMAC supports transmission rates like 10/100/1000M and various interfaces like MII/RMII/SMII can be selected;

· USB 2.0 OTG is supported;

· Data bus, configuration bus, high-speed peripherals bus and low-speed peripherals bus operate independently, so to improve performance;

· Many low power techniques like clock gating, power gating, multi voltage and etc. are used to reduce the power consumption of module, subsystem and chip;

· Supports various booting methods like FLASH, SD card, eMMC chip , USB and etc.;

· This High-performance embedded computing SoC platform can be used in a wide range of applications like industrial control, digital television, STB (set top box), navigation , video surveillance and etc..