C-SKY CPU Tool Chain

C-SKY CPU Tool Chain provides users with the following tools at all software development stages: build tools (compiler, assembler, linker), standard C library, debugger and software simulator. The tool chain also supports a wide range of host platforms: IA32 Linux system, IA64 Linux system, Windows, etc. and supports to build target application programs running on bare-metal, RTOS, uClinux-2.6/3.0, Linux-2.6/3.0 and Android, etc.

Compiling Tools

· Compiler

Based on GCC; includes the master control program and C/C++ compiler; supports all C-SKY CPU; supports C89/C99 C language standard, C++98/C++0x C++ standards, and GNU extended C/C++ syntax; supports DWarf 3.0 debugging information; supports C-SKY CPU inline assembling syntax; supports software 64-bits integer and single-precision/double-precision floating point arithmetic.

· Assembly, Linking and Binary Tool Kit

Based on GNU Binutils, includes assembler, linker, disassembler, binary file analysis tool, file format converter and debugging information parser, etc.

· Standard C libraries

C-SKY CPU Tool Chain provides us with several standard C/C++ libraries, we can select one according to our specific application requirements, including standard GLibc, uCLibc, and MiniLibc library customized for C-SKY CPU. GLibc and uCLibc include embedded C function library, NPTL thread library and math library based on Linux kernel; MiniLibc is a C function library developed by C-SKY and specially optimized for C-SKY CPU in code density and performance.

Debugging System

· Based on GDB; supports DWarf 3.0 debugging information format; supports software simulator and online debugging; supports ASM/C/C++ language-level debugging; supports remote debugging within LAN;

· Based on GDB with rich debugging commands;

· Supports the online debugging of application running on bare-metal programs or RTOS;

· Supports the debugging of Linux application;

· Supports application debugging based on software simulator;

· Supports hardware break point and data watch;

· Supports online debugging on read-only storage space;

· Supports multi-threaded debugging of Linux and eCos;

· Integrated USB ICE with 1.1M Bytes/s download speed.


Based on QEMU, supports dynamic translation execution of target programs to achieve high-efficiency; supports CPU simulation in user mode, which can launch Linux application directly; supports MCU/SoC simulation in full-system operating mode, which can directly launch programs without operating system (it can launch Linux kernel and application programs); supports debugging interface of target programs; supports secondary development interface for software simulation of peripheral modules, which can be integrated into the simulator as dynamic plug-in.