C-SKY Development Kit (CDK)

C-SKY Development Kit (“CDK”) is one of C-SKY CPU software development kits and is an Integrated Development Environment focusing on MCU and IoT applications. With CDK, we can develop reliable and highly optimized embedded system products based on C-SKY CPU rapidly and conveniently.

From the beginning, the design of CDK follows the features of traditional user interface of embedded system development as much as possible, to ensure convenient operations of code management, editing, compiling and debugging. In aspect of UI framework and tools, CDK generally comprises the following components:

· UI Core, including project management, full-function code editing & browsing, project properties setting;

· Building tools chain, including compiler, assembler and linker;

· Binary analysis tool kit;

· Graphics debugger, supporting one-tap download of flash program, traditional debugging methods, and multi-threaded debugging for RTOS;

· Integrated C-SKY CPU Simulator with the graphical configuration for SoC simulating and secondary development of customized IP.

CDK also provides users with a series of extensible development components:

· C-SKY Software Interface (CSI) framework for users to implement the drivers of MCU/SoC;

· SoC Template development framework enabling users to customize project templates and provide downstream customers with SoC SDK;

· Flash Programmer Driver Template;

· Tailorable IoT RTOS development platform intended to help users quickly enter into cloud-based IoT development.