C-SKY Development Suite (CDS)

C-SKY Development Suite (“CDS”) is the Integrated Development Environment of C-SKY CPU. With CDS, we can develop reliable and highly optimized embedded system products based on C-SKY CPU quickly and conveniently. CDS comprises multiple development components, such as Eclipse-based IDE architecture, C/C++ compiling system, full-function graphics debugger, QEMU-based software simulator; extensible SoC target template manager; Flash programmer supporting secondary development.

With CDS, we can easily carry out project management, code editing & browsing, compiler & linker parameter setting, target building and on-line debugging with ASM/C/C++ for all series C-SKY CPU.

Integrated Development Environment

· Supports various 3rd party plug-ins based on Eclipse.

· Intuitive & convenient Project Wizard and Project Management.

· Extensible SOC Template Manager.

· Efficient C/C++ source Code Editor and Browser;

· Integrated C-SKY CPU ASM/C/C++ Cross Compiler;

· Graphical building parameter setting.

SOC Template Management

· Interface to define new SoC Template;

· Supports the configuration of SOC basic information, such as CPU type, endian type, etc.

· Support the configuration of project basic files, such as start-up file, I/O definition and link description file;

· Supports the definition of SOC memory space and generation of link description file automatically.

· Supports the default configuration of debugging target;

· Supports the configuration of SOC software simulator;

· Supports the configuration of peripheral IO register view;

· Supports the configuration of flash driver for flash programmer;

· Supports SoC Template copy, import and export.

Software Simulation

· Supports System Mode and Linux User Mode;

· Efficient simulation with dynamic translation;


Supports all C-SKY CPU and numerous SOC peripheral IP, such as TIMER, PIC, UART, LCDC, MAC, USBH, NFC.

· A variety of program booting mode;

· Running Speed(equivalent to hardware speed):

500+ MHZ in User Mode

300+ MHZ in System Mode

Debug Online

· GDB-based framework with rich debugging window;

· Support debugging for app running on bare-metal and RTOS;

· Support Linux application debugging;

· Support application debugging running on simulator;

· Convenient interface for hardware break point and data watch point;

· Support online debugging on read-only memory space;

· Support multi-threaded debugging of Linux and eCos;

· Integrated USB ICE with 1.1M Bytes/s download speed.

Flash Programmer

· Support secondary development for flash driver and template;

· Support one-tap download of flash program when debugging;

· Support various binary file, such as iHex, ELF, raw bin, etc.;

· Convenient target configuration;

· Support various erasing type when programming;

· Support additional operation before programming, such as Preload;

· Supports flash driver template copy, import, export.