Linux System

Linux system is a open source operating system which is widely used both on PC and embedded system, and comprises Linux kernel, core libraries (including standard C/C++ library, math library, thread library and system library), core applications and user programs. With Build Root as its distribution framework, we can easily build an high performance computing embedded system of C-SKY CPU benefiting from its ecology .

Linux Kernel for C-SKY

Process management, process scheduling, process switching and inter-process communication mechanism optimized and improved for C-SKY CPU; supports memory management of C-SKY CPU MMU/MGU; supports dynamic loading module of C-SKY CPU; TCP/IP protocol stack; various file systems; CSP and BSP specifications for C-SKY CPU features.

Libraries and applications

Components closely optimized for C-SKY CPU, including: GLibc/uClibc with attention to both compatibility and code density; supporting NPTL (Native POSIX Thread Library); Busybox with common system utilities; supporting various GUI libraries, such as QT/Embedded and MiniGUI; support common embedded browser WebKit engine; support execution of Libffi and Python programs.

Application Development Tools

Various debugging methods are supported, such as GDB + GDBServer and strace.