C-SKY Joins the Global Semiconductor Alliance

San Jose, Calif. (Apr.5, 2017) – C-SKY Microsystems, an embedded CPU design house based in Hangzhou, China, hasjoined the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the premier trade association for the semiconductor industry.

“We are very excited to welcomeC-SKYto the GSA community,” said Jodi Shelton, co-founder and president of GSA. “As China’s growing significance in the semiconductor industry becomes more evident, we expect Chinese companies to integrate with the global industry more closely.  It is why we made a strong commitment to expand into China. We would like to congratulate C-SKY in their recent achievement and wish them the best.”

“We are honored to join the Global Semiconductor Alliance,” said Xiaolang Yan, Chairman of C-SKY. “I have met many distinguished colleagues, which helped us gain invaluable insights and inspirations. We are glad to be part of the community and we look forward to more collaborations and partnerships with all our friends worldwide.”  

C-SKY providesa proprietary embedded CPU and licenses its architectures for IC cards, audio & video, security, networking, wireless communication, industrial control and automotive electronics.Through apartnershipwith Alibaba Group, C-SKY has beendeveloping Yun-on-Chip architectures targetingIoT (Internet of Things)applications.  

About C-SKY

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Hangzhou, C-SKY is an industry leadingIC designhouse dedicated to 32-bit high-performance and low-power embedded CPU, and the licensing of the chip architecture as its core business.

C-SKY has an advanced CPU roadmap for a variety of embedded application scenarios. The CK-CPU supports international mainstream foundries such as SMIC, TSMC, HHNEC, GSMC, HJTC, and so on. So far, the authorized users of C-SKY CPU seriesare over sixty, and the CPUs are widely used in IoT intelligent hardware, digital audio and video, information security, network and communications, industrial control, and automotive electronics and other fields. 

About GSA

The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) mission is to support the global semiconductor industry and its partners by offering a comprehensive view of the industry. This enables members to better anticipate market opportunities and industry trends, preparing them for technology and business shifts. It addresses the challenges within the supply chain including IP, EDA/design, wafer manufacturing, test and packaging to enable industry-wide solutions. Providing a platform for meaningful global collaboration through efficient power networking for global semiconductor leaders and their partners, the GSA identifies and articulates market opportunities, encourages and supports entrepreneurship, and provides members with comprehensive and unique market intelligence.  Members include companies throughout the supply chain representing 30 countries across the globe.