Fifteen years’growth with innovation to brilliant future

Recently, 2016 C-SKY Developers Conference was held in Hangzhou. This conference is C-SKY first developer conference, with "innovation of C-SKY IP, cooperation for a win-win future" as the theme. C-SKY and its partners’ technical experts participated in this conference, deeply sharing and discussing about C-SKY’s technical development, continuous improvement and innovation in design services, diversities of the CPU IP core and industrial development trend.


There are several great and valuable speeches delivered by Alibaba YunOS BU senior technical expert Yanming Cai, ZTE Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. marketing director Jin Zhou, Shenzhen APT Microelectronics Co. VP Yongsheng Yuan, and Hangzhou Jorchi Technology Co. Ltd. CTO Lujun Shen. In the speeches, those customers highly praised C-SKY Microsystems’ achievements cooperating in YoC, NB-IoT, MCU, security monitoring and some other areas, looking forward to C-SKY’s technical trend in the future and a deeper cooperation contributing localization of domestic chip market.


C-SKY chairman Xiaolang Yan

First Fifteen years’Development


“15 years’ growth is a long and hard period, but for an intellectual property company, especially an embedded microprocessor IP company, this period is very necessary. “C-SKY chairman Xiaolang Yan said:” developing a microprocessor needs to consider about the co-design of hardware and software, maybe making a definition of a CPU instruction set is not that difficult, while the difficulty is to design a platform for implementing the instruction set with the application platform, and finally develop a strong ecosystem based on instruction framework. In a word, this is hard to achieve without this ten years’ growth.”


With the national advocacy and market demands, in September 2001 C-SKY Microsystems Co., Ltd. was founded in Hangzhou. In fifteen years, C-SKY insists on independent innovation, develops advanced international level embedded CPUs. C-SKY’s 32bit series embedded CPU cores with independent intellectual property have the characteristics of low power consumption, high performance, high code density and easy to implement and so forth. They are widely used in IoT intelligent hardware, digital audio and video, information security, networking and communication, industrial control and automotive electronics. C-SKY Microsystems is now an one and only national leading embedded CPU intellectual property supplier and already achieves large volume production in China.


According to chairman Xiaolang Yan, C-SKY Microsystems insists on going a parallel way with three areas, R&D, production and promotion. The development of C-SKY can be divided into two processes. From 2001 to 2004, basing on the present from Motorola MCORE instruction set M310 to Chinese government, after involving, analyzing and researching, C-SKY Microsystems finally developed CK510 and CK610 two embedded CPU core which made a good market reaction in application with Hangzhou Nationalchip as the leading partner. At the same time, as a cooperator and partner, Nationalchip and C-SKY developed SoC chip in STB and digital television system honored with second prize of National Progress Award in Science and Technology in 2009. From the beginning of 2014, according to the market trend and demand, C-SKY Microsystems decide to devote ourselves in developing high-performance and low-power intellectual proporty instruction set. Until now, C- SKY has already achieved embedded CPU IP series leading with CK801, CK802, CK803, CK807, CK810 and CK860. “There is a lot of work to do, without ten years it is difficult to achieve today's success even excluding the time for exploration. Adhering to the independent innovation of the CPU core technology can not only support the development of industrial technology, but also highlight our strong R&D abilities." Chairman Xiaolang Yan added.


Roadmap and Field


At the beginning of C-SKY, we are focusing on embedded CPU IP’s development adhering to the principle of independent research and development on this technical route. On the conference, 3 technical experts from C-SKY Microsystems shared their technologies and achievements in CPU researches, trusted security solutions, user experience improvements and other aspects with the guests.


For C-SKY Microsystems’ roadmap, we focus on four fields of technologies, security, high efficiency computing, storage subsystem and multicore technology. C-SKY’s technical expert Zhijian Chen pointed out that only adhering to independent research and development and deeply understanding power consumption of CPU design, would we have the ability to continuously evolve C-SKY’s CPU IP and the price, provide distinctive products with the times. And also he elaborated that at present CK-CPU family has different characteristics for seven series: CK801 has the lowest cost in the industry; CK802 has 8bit processor’s cost but with 32bit processor’s performance; CK803 has a good balance in calculating capability and cost; CK610 and CK807 are highly performance-efficient cores; CK810 uses high performance computing engine and CK860 is in developing process for supporting multi core architecture. C-SKY Microsystems brakes through a series of key technologies in highly performance-efficient computing including deep pipeline, L2 Cache and multi-core architecture, and basing on the complete CPU development platform C-SKY provides differentiated characteristics of technologies in different fields.


IoT is considered as an important trend of development in the future, and security is a critical factor constraints IoT devices into mass production. Nowadays IoT’s security issues have got the big attention from different aspects. C-SKY’s technical experts Jun Yang introduced C-SKY’s IoT trusted computing solutions. Yang Jun pointed out that c-sky’s trusted CPU, trusted SoC and trusted software, those 3 aspects of system solutions will be helpful for the development of IoT and effectively defense from IoT devices’ facing attacks, the concrete application is the world's first YoC architecture CK802T in IoT on June 30th 2016. He said that in the future C-SKY Microsystems will pay more attention in the field of IoT security and so forth, constantly optimize and upgrade its trusted CPU platform solutions.


At present chip development’s requirements and environment have been quite different from before, developers are paying more and more attention on the development experience. C-SKY’s technical expert Yunhai Shang made a deep introduction on the topic for the pursuit of development experience. He said C-SKY’s development provides four areas for development experience: high efficient compilation, rich ecosystem and convenient development and problem diagnosability. In addition, he also pointed out that C-SKY provides a series of tool chain, simulator, debugging system and supportable environment, and introduced the concept of the C-SKY developer community for the developers to provide service with high quality.


Innovation driven future

In January, Alibaba becomes C-SKY Microsystems' largest shareholder. Chairman Yan Xiaolang said that our cooperation with Alibaba is not only in the finance, but with more cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship.


YoC (Yun OnChip) is led by Alibaba YunOS allying with more than 30 integrated circuit industrial partners providing an IoT infrastructure solution. YoC integrates hardware, software and cloud computing as one special architecture. Nowadays IoT security connection is very important, integrated hardware and software security architecture can make interconnection between IoT devices and cloud become safer. Through this security mechanism interconnection, IoT devices will achieve the distributed network structure.


Chairman Xiaolang Yan pointed out that YoC(Yun on Chip) is a global innovative concept, C-SKY cooperated with many contemporaries in this industry working together, developed actively and achieved remarkable successes. In this achievements Alibaba YunOS and ZTE launched the YunOS NB-IoT solutionusingCK802 CPU, and had started early promotion into market. Yan Xiaolang said the IoT waves are coming, the new applications such as artificial intelligence and deep learning are gradually transplanted from the PC to handheld terminals, applications on terminals will be flourishing together in the future, and all of these cannot become true without the support of CPU. C-SKY Microsystems masters the core technology in research and development. Adhering to independent innovation, we welcome every developer to develop innovative and personalized system chips and differentiated applications on C-SKY’s development platform.


The growth of every enterprise is not always smooth, the core technology innovation is more than that, only with continuous wrestling and chastening that achievement can become true. C-SKY Microsystems always adheres to the faith, innovation, and its own characteristic route, learns from the setback continuously, finally it’s able to contribute to China’s independent innovative mission, making Chinese built-in core chip has the advantages in cost and technology, and put into mass production. In the future, chairman Xiaolang Yan believes that with accelerating CK-CPU’s commercialized process, C-SKY’s goal to become the world's second largest supplier of main embedded system will not be far. Although there are many challenges ahead and the difficulties also, C-SKY will adhere to our traditions and simple style down-to-earth, embrace different changes, persist in going on an independent innovation way farther and better!


Finally, with celebrating the first session of C-SKY Microsystems developer conference a complete success, we are looking forward to the next developer conference to bring more and better products and achievements!