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 Contact: +86(21)68635065 - 203

  • Headquarter
    15F, Bldg A, 3 Xidoumen Rd,
    Hangzhou, China, 310012
    Tel: +86-571-88157059
    Fax: +86-571-88157059-8888
  • Shanghai Office
    169 Shengxia Rd. ,Bldg A,Suite 716,
    Shanghai, China, 201210
    Tel: +86-21-68635065
    Fax: +86-21-68635065
  • Ningbo Office
    Suite 304, Bldg A,
    89 Cuibai Road, Ningbo University of Technology,
    Ningbo, China, 315016

If you have any requirements, please send the message and fill in your information to us via the following way. We will be glad to communicate with you.

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