2016 YEAR
  • Became a Board Member of Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium  (EEMBC);
    Launched CPU architecture for IoT security and the first YoC platform

2015 YEAR
  • Cooperated with Alibaba on the development of Yun-on-Chip architecture

2014 YEAR
  • Completed the development of extremely low-power, low-cost CK801 (area <9K equivalent gate)

2013 YEAR
  • The accumulative sales of CK-CPU based SoC products exceeded 100 million shipments and C-SKY Microsystems completed the development of CK807 suitable for high-end micro-control field

2012 YEAR
  • Completed the development of CK802 suitable for low-power, low-cost fields

2011 YEAR
  • Completed the development of CK810 suitable for high-performance general applications

2010 YEAR
  • Completed the development of CK803 suitable for general MCU applications

2009 YEAR
  • Completed the design of new-generation self-defined instruction set

2008 YEAR
  • Successfully developed high performance dual-emitter embedded CPU CK610

2007 YEAR
  • Accumulative sales of CK-CPU based SoC products exceeded 1 million shipments

2005 YEAR
  • The first customer progressed from chip tape-out to mass production and the number of licensed customers increased

2004 YEAR
  • The first customer was licensed to use CK510 for the development of digital set-top box chips

2003 YEAR
  • Successfully developed CK510, the first embedded CPU, and succeeded in one-time tape-out

2001 YEAR
  • Hangzhou C-SKY Microsystems Co., Ltd. was founded in Hangzhou National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone